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Our Hair a whole story

Be Beauty Paris was designed by Jihane Benkaddour. This young entrepreneur, helped by her sister, decided to create a company selling online hair cosmetics. For them it is essential to take care of their hair. The idea of developing an online business came to her from a personal need. At that time, it was difficult to make her own Brazilian straightening or hair treatment. Going to the hairdresser was a solution for girls with difficult, frizzy, and curly hair. But for young students with little or no income it was difficult to invest in a hairdresser’s service every 5 weeks. So, they wanted to make this luxury of having beautiful hair accessible to almost everyone. The initial idea was to resell hair cosmetics accessible to everyone at a low price so that they could do their own hair treatments and straightening at home.

It was also difficult to find the right product for us. Often overwhelmed by all the information about the best care or products to use, it was difficult to make a choice. Our hair is all unique. That’s why it is important to get advice and get to know your hair better. The two sisters have, therefore, set up training courses as well as home services. Their goal was to offer you the best advice and the best care for your specific needs. The objective is also to make your hair the way you want it, to tame and nourish it as you wish.


They are willing to share their knowledge, their routine and their products which they have selected with the utmost care.


The story does not end there. Be Beauty Paris has been offering a whole range of quality products for 2 years now. Jihane wants to continue to evolve and develop her company. Today she wants to respond to a new demand and solve a new problem. Clean Beauty and natural and healthy products are in vogue, and too many products are still stuffed with carcinogenic chemicals that destroy your hair fiber. Jihane decides to make the big step and take on another challenge. Create her own brand. Aglae Cosmetic is now on the market, these products meet very specific criteria regarding their efficiency and composition. They do not contain formol and are enriched with ingredients that your hair needs.


We take care of your hair !!

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