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The botox hair allows to nourish and moisturize without modifying the nature of your hair. However, the botox carrot has a slightly smoothing effect but is super nutritious. If you don’t smooth your hair after treatment, it doesn’t denature the shape of the hair itself.


Botox: 4 to 5 weeks

Smoothing: 4 to 5 months

Use sulfate-free products. You can read our article on our special blog about products to use after treatment.

Carrot care has a slightly smoothing effect but is very nourishing. It smoothes a little but nourishes more than blue and promotes hair growth thanks to the beta-carotene it contains. Botox platinum blue keeps the hair natural, neutralizes yellowish highlights and nourishes deeply.

Botox carrot is our most natural botox. The Natureza company is well known in Brazil for designing products based on natural ingredients without formol.

We supply gloves, 100ml clarifying shampoo and brushes.

We advise you to space the two treatments two weeks apart. We give more details during the training sessions.

We advise you to do your smoothing after your coloring or strands while leaving a space time of 2 weeks.

We offer services only in the Paris area and in Sydney, Australia. These services are done at home.

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